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Petals Affiliate Network


Petals Network has a great online affiliate network marketing program that is free to join and promises great returns. You can receive commission for floral orders placed with Petals Network via your website. You can either direct link to our website or have your own shopping cart and send orders to us via our Petals Exchange.

Why Choose our Online Affiliate Network?

With the Petals online affiliate network you will be working with one of the leading flower and gift delivery companies in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

We can also offer the choice of a discount on a shopper's purchase or have the purchasers pay the full amount and give the affiliate manager a commission on each sale. We are focused on providing our free affiliate network with as much flexibility as they want.

Who can use our Affiliate Marketing Tools?

We find that there are 3 main groups that can use our free online affiliate network to their advantage. These groups are:

  • Web Affiliates - People and organizations with a website that appeals to people who might wish to buy flowers. This would include most shopping sites that sell gifts of some sort.
  • Membership Groups - Organizations like charities, alumni, marketing, P&C and similar groups of loyal members who would appreciate either a discount on this purchase or are happy to pay full price but with a sum from each order going to their chosen group as a fundraising activity.
  • Corporates - Companies and their staff who would like a discount on their purchases. We can usually give the employees similar saving to that of their employer.

For more information visit Petalsnet for details and to register.

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