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Valentine's Day 2021

Spreading The Love with Flowers

We all know that Valentine’s Day will be a bit different this year, as many people might decide to skip the traditional romantic dinner at their favourite restaurant or the couple’s massage at the local spa. No matter how different this Valentine’s Day will be, flowers and chocolates will always be the top picks amongst Valentine’s Day gifts.

Petals Network is Australia’s most popular choice for Valentine’s Day flower delivery, with a broad selection of bouquets and beautiful fresh flowers. Petals will be able to accommodate even the most sophisticated Valentines. This year Valentine’s Day is more than ever a “Universal Holiday”, millions of flowers will be shared, not only by couples, but also by friends and families who will take this special occasion as an opportunity to share the love and feel closer to their loved ones.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Red roses are historically the most iconic choice for this holiday, but over the years other bouquet styles and rose colours have become widely appreciated alternatives around the world. While Roses and red flowers are usually sent to romantic partners, there are many floral arrangements more suitable when sending flowers to family and friends.

When sending flowers to family and friends it’s important to pick flowers that will match the taste of the person you’re trying to surprise. If you aren’t sure about what kind of flowers would be best, don’t panic, our experienced florists always have a solution for everyone.

Over the year our florists have noticed that women tend to prefer floral arrangements with abundance of pink, purple and white flowers. Here are some of women’s favourite flowers.

Men don’t talk about it as much as women, but surprisingly men secretly love receiving flowers & plants almost as much as women do; just be aware that blue, yellow, orange and green are more dominant amongst men’s favourites. Check out our florist’s selection of flowers for men.